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Should You Work With a Team or a Single Agent?

Should you work with a team or a single real estate agent? Let’s discuss.

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I’m frequently asked whether someone should use a team or a single agent for real estate needs. In most areas all across the country, people work with teams. In the South, we seem to be a bit slower, and people still use single agents.

I like to explain it this way: Imagine you’re going to your favorite restaurant, and the chef himself comes out to seat you. Then he goes to get a menu and comes back to give it to you. Next, he leaves to get water and comes back with your glasses. Then he leaves to get your salad and comes back with it again. In the meantime, two other people walk into the restaurant. Can you imagine how terrible the service would be there?


The transaction coordinator runs the show.


The reason why we use teams is that the transaction coordinator knows everything about the sale. While the agent is out showing a property or at an inspection or appraisal, the coordinator is taking care of everything else in the office. So if you have a question about your inspection, for example, you can call the coordinator, and they’ll often know more about the inspection than your agent does because they’re supervising it all. The buyer doesn’t have to deal with any of the things happening behind the scenes.

The whole purpose of a team is to enhance the experience of the home buying process. By having a good experience with the process, the homebuyers don’t go through a nightmare. There are more than 80 moving parts to getting a sale closed. If you had to deal with all 80 parts by yourself as a buyer, you would probably get completely frustrated and want to quit, as many buyers have. A single agent is simply spread too thin.

The transaction coordinator runs the show. So, I would always rather work with a team, because no one is dealing with everything alone.

If you have more questions about why you should work with a team or anything else concerning real estate, please reach out to us by phone or email. We would love to help you.

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