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When to Conduct Final Walkthroughs

Today I’ll discuss when the best time is to do a final walkthrough, and why it’s so important.

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Today I would like to discuss a question people have asked me in the past: When is the best time to do a final walkthrough on a property before buying? For those who don’t know, a final walkthrough is something you should do before closing on your new home purchase.

I recommend that you always conduct your final walkthrough before the day of the final closing. Don’t assume it will be the same way it was the last time you saw it, because things happen.

The No. 1 point for today’s message: Do not wait until the day of the closing to do your final walkthrough. If you discover things that you don’t like or are not completed, then there’s no time to do the work before you close. If you don’t have time to do the work, then it won’t get done. Your negotiation power drops to zero once you close. Often, sales have a portion that says once you buy it, it’s yours. The seller has no obligation to you after that.


Do not wait until the day of the closing to do your final walkthrough.


I advise that you complete the walkthrough three to five days before closing. That way you have time to get the work done. The other thing I propose is to take your final inspection report with you to make sure you check off all the crucial points. The walkthrough is about much more than getting excited about your new house. You don’t want to start living in the home, only to realize some things should have been done.

If the house was occupied, you absolutely need to return to the house after all the furniture is removed. That way, you can see anything the furniture may have concealed.

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